Our Mission

CCNtekno produces turnkey services and machinery on a project basis by following the latest technological developments and reflecting them on the production track, without compromising production quality, providing consultancy in export, machinery project designs, chocolate and biscuit production lines, production lines processes.

Our company, which gives priority to high quality value in production and service quality, aims 100% Customer Satisfaction by working innovation-oriented in all its processes.

In our company, where traceability and continuity is ensured in all our production steps, our expert team produces the best service and product for its customers.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is a goal. Our aim is to bring together information technologies and all vital mechanisms in the production line. With Industry 4.0, all of the production line and business process areas will have smart hardware and we aim to work integrated with each other.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Based on the common denominator “Your happiness is our happiness”, we consider keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level as our primary goal and characterize this satisfaction as unconditional and unlimited.

Expert staff

At CCNTekno, one of the most important issues is that its employees are highly educated in their field, experienced and open to self-improvement.

Technological Design

In order to increase production quality and ensure continuity, design and intelligence; We produce better, faster, easier, more economical and more efficient machines by combining science, art, engineering and economy studies.

Occupational Safety in Production

We ensure that healthy working environments are created for employees and employers in all our processes in order to minimize occupational accidents and prevent occupational diseases.

Optimum Price

We guarantee that all parts used in our products are the most suitable in terms of both hardware and price performance.



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