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Used to be asked as a child; “What do you want to be in the future?”. I would answer that I will be a mechanical engineer every time this question. I chose the machine field for my dream when I was a high school student. After graduating from high school, I completed my engineering education at METU. Thus, having realized my childhood dream, I started my career with the private sector in Istanbul in 1992.

In those years, when I was an engineer who was excited about his profession but still inexperienced, the situation of the sector was no different than mine. We have experienced many stages that require courage together with the industry for 29 years. In the first 10 years, I gained golden experience in mass production, method planning and quality system management with the help of CNC machine tools in a company that manufactures and sells high quality gear to the global market. In the next 19 years, I took the authority and responsibility as a senior manager in all stages of institutionalization of three different machinery companies, two of which are market leaders in Istanbul and one in Karaman, manufacturing Industrial Food Machinery and Fully Automatic Fast Packaging Machines. This sector in Turkey ‘s I walked counted as the first of many successful projects. Some of those; I realized the design and commissioning of the first Industrial Wafer Production Lines, the first High Speed Horizontal Packaging Machine, and the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with the first computer-aided MRP-II techniques in machine manufacturing. Besides, I established the first R&D Center of Karaman for a company operating in Karaman in this sector. With the same company, we succeeded in exporting the industry’s first Industrial Wafer Production Lines to many European countries, especially England, France and the Netherlands. Simultaneously, I presented many TUBITAK and KOSGEB projects with R&D and innovation in the field of Wafer Production Line and Horizontal Packaging Machines to the relevant institutions and successfully completed them.

While I was doing my dream job, I succeeded in many projects that I aimed. I founded CCNtekno Limited to realize my other target projects that I wanted to achieve and to present my gains to many different sectors.

CCNtekno carries out R&D activities with the projects it has achieved based on its experience and cooperates globally. It is always open to innovative business ideas and partnerships.


CCNtekno’s activity is; Industrial Food Machines and Fully Automatic High Speed Packaging Machines.

CCNtekno’s target market is; responding to the economic and technological machine needs of the chocolate, cream, hazelnut, pistachio, almond, wafer based snack and wafer manufacturer in the world and to direct them with innovative solutions. Because CCNtekno has the ability and experience to successfully carry out the continuous product development process in line with the changing production technology and the need for economic production.

Industrial Food Producer needs Industrial Wafer Production Plants especially as well as;

Industrial Chocolate Production Plants,

Industrial Cake Production Plants,

Industrial Biscuit Production Plants,

CCNtekno takes with him all the support of his connections due to the experience in Industrial Confectionery Manufacturing Plants in Turkey. So CCNtekno can cover the investment plan of the future needs and offers as alternative solutions to his customers.

History of CCNtekno

CCCNtekno Limited has a long history of experience in Projecting Industrial Food Production Lines, designing and manufacturing food machinery. As the pioneer of the industry, we are known for taking innovative steps. We are proud of our achievements and to everyone to whom we owe our past.

  • 1992

    First meeting...

    It is the first year that we met the serial production of the spare parts. We didn't know how far we would go, we weren't even sure we could survive for a few years. However, our excitement was at its peak.

  • 2002

    Our Milestone...

    It is the milestone that we have designed, manufactured and enthusiastically brought together all the automatic machines and horizontal packaging machines needed in industrial wafer production (from cooking to packaging). Our initial excitement has increased even more. We were also sure of the journey we entered.

  • 2009

    We continue to add experience to our experience ...

    In the manufacture of food machinery; We have become a role-model for machine manufacturers by taking bold steps in creating and planning digitally supported corporate memory for efficiency and actual cost creation. It is the period that machine manufacturers operating in this field are respected and preferred us to receive service. We continued to accumulate experience.

  • 2020

    CCNtekno is born with 28 years of experience

    Until this time, we have become well-known names in the industry. We have been leading members of the industry for over 28 years and have worked for some of the biggest clients in their field; We were not fired by anyone because we kept our promise. We realized that we had a serious experience in the field. So we needed a new office. We started looking for a new place. What drove us to establish CCNtekno Limited was the understanding that we could provide a service that no one else provided.

  • 2021

    We build our corporate structure, Innovation, Industry 4.x and Digital transformations

    Our journey and experience have only taken us higher. Information Technology completely changes the way we analyze and present data. We have adopted new technologies. Thus, we ensured that our customers have access to the latest technologies. As we move towards the future, we aim to harness the full potential of new technologies to power our services.

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