Row Distribution Systems

Row distribition is a modular flexible system compatible to a wide range of automatic feeding and packaging solutions. The products are delivered in aligned transversal rows from processing and/or the cooling devices and thereafter divided by a set even number of packaging lines (legs).


  • Speed up to 90 rows per minute.
  • Different width available to suit customers’ needs (from 600 mm to 1500 mm)
  • AC or fully Servo driven models available
  • Automatic belt tracking system
  • Pneumatic belt tensioning system
  • Scraping device with collecting trays for crumbs or debris

  • Electro-welded painted structure with floor levelling devices
  • Transparent polycarbonate safety guard doors
  • All parts in contact with the products are in stainless steel AISI 304
  • Easy conveyor belt replacement
  • Extractable transverse conveyor option for easy cleaning operations
  • Highly customized solutions for difficult products (cereal bars, small pralines, bite size enrobed wafers.)

Multipack Wafer (Hoşbeş Type) Feeding System

CCNtekno utilise a wide range of conveyor systems from small motorised drum driven conveyors in stainless steel for such as the pharmaceutical and food industries, through to large 1,5 meter wide belts manufactured in mild painted steel with external drive for handling large/bulky items.
CCNtekno offers a full range of conveyors from small profile frames through to heavy duty modules that can be integrated into versatile handling systems for the movement of packed and unpacked products, often irregular in size and shape.
With side frames manufactured from various materials and with belting selected from a range of finishes and qualities – including smooth, grip surface, modular plastic and flighted, CCNtekno will specify belt conveyors to suit your individual product handling applications.


  • Every multipack wafer feeding ünit has 90 stroks/min feed capacity
  • Both AC and servo driven options is available
  • Transparent polycarbonate safety guards
  • All parts in contact with the products are in stainless steel AISI 304
  • Scraping device with collecting trays for crumbs or debris
  • Specific pusher and guide sets to the customer

Hihg Speed Wrapper

Designed for easy integration on automatic lines, High Speed Wrapper is completely servo-driven and it has been rationalized in order to improve the cost/ performance ratio. Speed up to 700 packs per minute for cold seal operations.


  • Fully servo driven electronic multi axis control for maximum precision at high speeds
  • All parts in contact with the products are in stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Four pairs of AISI grade steel fin wheels (including the bevel pair to fold the film) optimized to run also products of small dimensions.
  • Hinged fin wheels assemblies with pneumatic lock. Interchangeable crimpers stops in open position
  • Straight or Zigzag cutting knives in Cobalt based HSS steel
  • Digitally controlled cut-off length.
  • Double reel holder with pneumatic chuck provide enhanced film control for tighter packages.
  • Mechanical/Automatic film centering system (web-guide) to allow correct unwinding of the reel in axis with the longitudinal sealing unit for high quality packaging process

  • Automatic film splicing system
  • Electronically controlled print registration with +/- correction
  • High Pressure Air Reject for: splicing, empty, short product, not cut packs, not registered packs Codeprinter bracket and synchronization
  • Outfeed product overhead belt/brush
  • HMI Color OMRON 10” Touch Screen Operator’s friendly interface on swiveling arm.
  • Suitable to run with all types of automatic distribution systems
  • Integrated inline feeding system with vacuum unit – to pace products in the correct position at the insertion of the wrapper’s chain lug – a must – for high capacity productions.

On-edge Packaging Machine

Horizontal continious-motion packing machine for slug products. Conceived to appropriately meet the growing needs of fast format changes, it associates easy use and maintenance, low-cost operation and high performances. Speed up to 100 packs per minute.

Low and Middle Speed Wrapper

Electronical wrapping machine designed to meet the growing demand for rapid size change-overs, simple use and extremely easy maintenance.

Compact structure for minimum dimensions and maximum loading space. Suitable for manual, semi automatic and automatic loaders. Speed up to 250 packs per minute for cold seal operations.

The system consists fully synchronized group of conveyors, each unit does different function for particular purpose. This system is mostly used to feed the horizontal flowpack machines where as the number of the wafer rows are seperated and forced onto the infeed conveyor of the packaging machine together. The respective first wafer row (for double row discharge, the first two wafer rows) is discharged at right angles whereas the following rows are halted. Cut wafer rows are then feed to the packing machines in single or double rows to the left or right or to the left and right.

Overwrapping Machine

The machine is designed as an entry level fully automatic base seal Overwrapping machine capable of wrapping speeds up to 45 packs per minute. Can be supplied with various feeding systems. With relay logic control system and mechanical operation combined to offer a low maintenance, highly efficient production machine.
Automatic feeding system to take products from the processing line end, rotate them to stand on their edges, to buffer them, to prepare the volumetric portion and to feed the slugs on to the infeed conveyor of overwrapping machine connected.



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