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Automatic Wafer Baking Oven (Flat / Hollow)

The fully automatic ovens are available with from 36 up to 112 baking tongs and are designed for a capacity of up to 50 wafer sheets per minute. They are used for the industrial production of flat and hollow wafers and are specially designed to meet rough operating conditions.

Baking Process

  • The batter depositing station of the wafer baking oven allows the batter to be deposited onto the lower baking plate of the opened baking tongs.
  • The baking tongs form an endless rotating chain of the baking tongs.
  • Depending on the baking time and baking temperature selected, the wafer sheets are baked, automatically removed and afterwards passed on for further processing.


From 40 kg/hr up to 300 Kg/hr(100–1.000 kg/hr plain wafers; 130–1.300 kg/hr chocolate coated wafers)

Baking plate size up to:

280×380 mm, 290×470 mm, 350×470 mm, 350×500 mm, 350×700 mm

Wafer Sheet Cooler

After baking, the wafer sheets are cooled stress-free at ambient temperature by the wafer sheet coolers. The archway design allows operating personnel to walk through the production plant without any hindrance

Automatic sheet take-off system with cleaning burr

  • Infeed control device and ejection system for the broken wafer sheets.
  • Quality control via corresponding sensors and automatic ejection of defective wafer sheets (e.g. missing corner on wafer sheet)

Conditioning Tunnel

Conditioning of wafer sheets is recommended for products that are to be either chocolate-coated or moulded in chocolate. The control addition of moisture prevents the subsequent uncontrolled absorption of misture, which would cause the wafer to expand.

Conditioning Features

  • The moisture equilibrium obtained largely prevents the spliting and cracking of the chocolate. Depending on the product, the conditioning time is approx. 18-22 minutes. According to the plant capacity, the tunnel can process up to 50 wafer sheets per minute.
  • The modular design also makes it easy to subsequently increase this capacity.
  • Conditioning Time 18 to 22 minutes
  • Added Moisture Between 2.5 and 4.5%
  • Wafer Sheet Capacity up to 1,180

Automatic Cream Spreading Machines

Automatic high-capacity spreading machines for application of cream fillings with either the film or the contact method, as required. Up to 50 sheets/min can be processed.

Cream spreading process on flat wafer sheets

  • In accordance with the wafer book composition selected, the wafer sheets are transported over a conveyor system to the spreader head and to the cover sheet station. The wafer sheets to be creamed are fed continuously under the spreader head and are creamed by either the film or contact method.
  • In the film method, the film knife takes the cream film from the spreading roller and transfers this onto the wafer sheet.
  • In the contact method, the wafer sheet takes the cream from the spreader roller in direct contact.
  • In the downstream stacking station, the creamed wafer sheets are placed one above the other, in exact alignment, in accordance with the respective book composition. The wafer book is then completed with the placing of the non-creamed cover sheet.

Wafer Sandwiches Cooler (Tower / Spiral Type)

Cream-filled wafer books are cooled so that the cream filling sets sufficiently for cutting and packing. Cooling the books ensures a clean cut.

The capacity of the wafer cooling towers depends on the plant performance and the product-specific cooling time. The cooling time is set between 5 and 15 minutes depending on the product. The wafer books are placed in the brackets of an endless carrier chain and are cooled during their transport through the tower.

The insulating enclosure is made of high-grade steel elements filled with rock wool for heat insulation. Swing doors allow easy access for inspection and cleaning. The viewing windows in the doors are used to see the production.

Wafer Sandwiches Cooler Features

  • Little space requirements
  • Hygienic design of stainless steel
  • Side doors allow good access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Integrated evaporating unit in book cooler togethet with circulation air fan.
  • Compact cooling unit with separately installed air-cooled condenser. Including circulating air blower with air filter.
  • Internal moisture drier system (optional)

Wafer Cutter Machine

Fully automatic cutting machines to cut cream filled flat and hollow wafers. Capacity up to 20 wafer
books per minute.

The totally new machine concept guarantees fully automatic production even at a high plant capacity. The wafers are cut by fixed cutting steel blades fitted onto exchangeable frames.

The cutters can be adapted quickly and easily to other product sizes by changing the cutting frames.

According to the further processing desired, the wafer books are cut as single book or as book stacks.

Cutter Features

  • Available with single, double or twin cutter versions.
  • Manufactured and weared by stainless steel components. All parts in contact with the product are made of either stainless steel or food grade elements.
  • Wheeled trolleys made of plastic to collect the wastes under the cutting stations.
  • Transparent hinged polycarbonate cover to protect the products from contamination and for safety purpose.

Wafer Waste Grinding

The wafer grinding machine grind the wafer trimmings produced during cutting so that the trimmings can be recycled for cream production.

Grinding Features

  • Robust stainless steel design meets the hygiene requirements of the food industry.
  • Good accessibility for easy cleaning.
  • The waste wafers are carried by spiral conveyor, then grinded down to 120 microns thickness by the powerful grinding blades.
  • Capacity up to 150 kg/h.

Wafer Distribution Device

This device separates the wafer bars from each other discharged from the wafer book cutter and feeds them aligned to a chocolate enrober. The second cut pushes the cut wafer bars through the distribution rails and singles them.

  • Removable stainless steel separator plate.
  • Individual execution adapted to the respective wafer bar size and enrober.
  • Transparent hinged polycarbonate cover to protect the products from contamination


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