“İlerlemeniz için ihtiyaç duyduğunuz yanıtları verecek yeteneklere ve deneyime sahibiz.”
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Haluk Çaçan
CEO, İstanbul Ofis

Our Vision

CCNtekno aims to be a global brand in the international market by developing all its processes in line with the expectations of its customers.

Our strategy is to continuously improve our reliability, solution generating and problem solving abilities. To always produce quality services and products that will create added value for our customers.

We are committed to doing the best possible job. We pride ourselves on developing lasting customer relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

Most of the world’s leading and admired companies among our customers, chocolate and wafer, etc. In addition to manufacturing companies and industrial establishments, there are many organizations in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Automatic Feeding Systems
Wafer Production Lines
Horizontal Packaging Machines

Our Values


Our experts help our customers optimize their business according to their expectations, improve their operations and risk profiles.

Privacy and Security

Our capabilities and intellectual capital are strengthened by our deep industry expertise and hands-on, collaborative approach.

Innovative Solutions

We work with senior staff of experts to accelerate execution with a mix of analytical and management approaches.

Quality service

Our experts see what others do not see, challenge traditional thinking and constantly offer innovative solutions.


We are not content with the knowledge we are experts in, but we regularly receive trainings from expert authorities in the field in order to keep up with the developing technology and to update our knowledge.



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